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Southern and Western climates are great pests attractors. It's the warm temperatures, rocky terrains, deep foliage and wetlands that make for great hiding places for pests. These types of environments also offer greenery and other insects for pests to feasts on.

Simple steps that lead to a pests free home

Live in a house that close to the great outdoors and the creepy crawlers that fill wooded areas close to your property could easily find their way inside your home. Simply not wanting pests inside your home or even spraying bugs when you see them may not be enough.

Keeping annoying pests out of your house calls for the right action. Start by drying moist areas both inside and outside your home. For example, you could repair leaking pipes, wipe down counters and turn faucets completely off.

Cleaning out vents could reduce the likelihood that pests will enter your house after you turn on the heat or air conditioner. On that point, also make sure that appliances are free of crumbs, spills and scented liquids.

Get and keep pests out of your house

Key is to ensure that there are no liquid or food items that pests can access. Other steps that you could take to keep pests away from your home include:

  • Spraying the outside of your house with effective pests repellents. Opt for sprays that are pet and environmentally friendly. Other good choices are sprays that continue to work for up to a year.
  • Use sprays that are made to work on the specific types of pests that you have seen inside or outside your house.
  • Locate feeding areas and treat these spots.
  • Seal off entryways into your house.
  • Clean your carpet regularly. Carpets, especially shag carpets, are great for hiding pests and food crumbs.
  • Store fresh fruit and vegetables inside your refrigerator. Fruit flies love these food items.
  • Wash pots, pans, drinking glasses and dishes every night.
  • Designate certain areas of your house to cook and eat in. For example, you might tell your relatives not to eat and drink in bedrooms, the basement or the attic.
  • Empty your garbage regularly.
  • Sweep hardwood and tile floors after each meal. You could also vacuum hardwood and tile floors to catch small crumbs that you might miss during sweepings.
  • Bring in a professional exterminator once a year or as needed.

Commit to living in a pests free house

Remove shelter and meal options for pests and you could keep your house pests free even if you your house is located in a warm, moist climate. Regularly check your house to see if your efforts are working. And realize that you will have to reapply treatment efforts every six months.

More effective strategies may only need to be reapplied once a year. Trimming hedges that are less than 50 feet from your house could help keep pests away. So too could regularly examining and cleaning pets. As a final reminder, wash down outdoor dining areas after each meal.